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Fraud Control, Analytics, Consulting & Training

About Us

In the fast-evolving business dynamics around the globe there is increased use of Digital Platforms and rightly so. Parallelly, there are numerous factors that expose Corporates to various risks, including Fraud. It is an ever-growing threat to the economy globally and India is not an exception to that. This not only leads to Financial and Legal risk for any organization but more critically, if not handled properly damages its Reputation, which is not easy to recover from. To tackle the same the importance of various digital tools like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have gained prominence. However, the same in itself cannot lead to desired outcomes without being ably supported by a robust framework of effective processes, procedures, policies, and systems. In the interplay of these Digital tools and such robust framework as outlined above, efficient, proactive, and trained human resource acts as a clog in the wheel.

Here FACTpace a Firm is set up with the vision to provide services to upscale not only the framework of effective processes, procedures, policies, and systems but also train the human resources in a customized way. FACTpace comes to partner with Corporates to detect and mitigate any such gaps by connecting all possible and relevant DOTS and thereby prepare them to effectively tackle any such challenges

FACTpace is a brainchild of two passionate Professionals having enriched experience of more than 18 years each in the field of Compliance, Fraud Analytics & Mitigation, Consulting, Legal Services, and Training in various Organisations, primarily in the Financial Services & Insurance industry. They not only have been working tirelessly in detecting and mitigating various gaps in policies, procedures, and systems faced by such Organizations during their tenure vide designing robust frameworks but also enduring practical experiences on the field to ensure the effectiveness of the same as well as collaborate/interface with various law enforcement Departments & Agencies to deal with any impending situations.

Further they have been very active in imparting various training/creating awareness not only to employees from various functions within such Organizations but also at various other platforms/training Institutes. Banking on these experiences we are here to design and make working together easier by addressing different challenges and that could be normal or functional or even emotional.

We shall be happy to take them up and give you solutions that suit your objective and also sail it smooth ahead.

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