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Easy to use simple but unlimited purpose how to clean a airbrush gun.On the other hand airbrush tanning gun, there is the double action.The trigger has two functions push it down and you have nothing but air.Pull it backwards while keeping it pressed and you have the air and paint coming out.That is why it is called double action. These more versatile compared to the single actions on a double action air brush, you can control how much pain is coming out, also control how wide or find the spray you can go up to 1.7 inch wide and down to almost as fine as a pen.Of course spray whiteness and fineness is also affected by nozzle sizes.There are three common needle sizes, the point five millimeter for wider spray and for thick paints point two millimeter for fine details and the point three millimeter the versatile size, it can be used to spray thick paints widely and also redefined details.There are also three types of air brush the gravity feed.The siphon feet are the bottom feed. And the side feed a brush.These are all double action air brushes though similar under control but one is better than the other depending on where you’re going to use them.Let’s start on the gravity feed air brush, actually the most popular type of air brush to every brand and branded air rush is the gravity feed, this type is the most common air brush and the most widely used, you can use this to almost anything shirts models automotive’s so there’s more like an all around air brush and needs a lesser maintenance than the other two air brushes.Gravity Fed air brush can also be used on a very low PS I as low as twelve to fifteen PS I especially when using a precision air brush.The only downside of this is when you will make a large painting and needed a large amount of paint like shirts barrels and graffiti’s most of the gravity field air brushes have fixed paint cap.Okay, so if you want to have the advantage of gravity Fed and also need a large paint capacity, you can buy one like this.So this has a twenty CC capacity.Okay. Siphon feed air brush, so the siphon feed is the best air brush for shirts and large paintings like murals and graffiti ‘s, although gravity feed can also be used, the same way as the siphon feed, but the advantages of this over the gravity feed, our large paint capacity, so this is entitled to ounce or sixty CC so you don’t have to always refill the cup like the common gravity feed air brush and you can have a multiple paint bottle with specific color in it, so you can spray continuously and can go back to the same color, if you need it just drain the previous scholars and attach the new bottle and you’re good to go.You don’t have to always wash the air brush when changing colors, so the best choice for not to detail job and needed a large amount of pain is to siphon feed air brush, the downside of this air brushes when you accidentally bump or loosen the bottle so it will fall.And versus when you use a glass bottle.So it will probably break.But if you are cautious and careful enough, this might be avoided and another thing is that this air brush can’t be used for very fine details like a gravity Fed l brush.But it can spring a decent thin lines. The last is the side feed air brush, this is in my opinion is the most versatile air brush, it can do all the advantages and functions of the gravity feed and siphon feed air brushes so meaning it can be used to paint large painting because you can attach a large paint bottle and use it just like a regular siphon feed air brush.And it can also be used for fine detailing just like the gravity feed air brush.Or the precision air brushes and one unique advantage of this type is you can point this to any direction because you can rotate the cap. They only slept disadvantage of this is the unbalanced feeling when holding it as if you are always one to leave the cup attached to the side.If you let it go, it will rotate to the side of the club.In my opinion, this is the most versatile type of air brush, but why this is not the most common air brush. Maybe because it’s intimidating for beginners seeing parts that are needed to be attached I like gravity feed that is so pretty straightforward.So the question what is the best air brush to buy it’s not the most correct question at this time, you should be asking yourself what are you going to use the Airbus for.There is no one else brush that is the best for all purposes because there is a right to for every specific job.Another thing to consider is your budget.If you can buy a branded air brush go for it, you can be more sure of the quality of your air brush, but if you are on a really tight budget, or you just want to try an air brush and not really going to be serious about it, there are cheap generic ones prices ranging from around five us dollars, up to 35 us dollars, but of course don’t expect too much on the quality but don’t lose your hope, also I advise you to watch and search for air brush reviews on Youtube.I’m sure that you can find a good working generic air brush out there.By the way all of my eyebrows, here are all jeep, China Ming except for this one.This is an iota hpc ‘s, this is an example of an all-around air brush built with quality and industry standard, you can’t go wrong with these eyebrows.


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