Why Us

Problem Statement

Dealing with Frauds & Fraudsters (both internal & external) who are looking to find gaps in policies, processes, policies, and systems that equip to make a financial crime

Impact on Clients & Their Customers

Fraud and other associated Risks lead to:

  • Financial/Business Loss;
  • Legal Loss: Time and money invested in fighting the matter in Court of Law;
  • Possible customer/prospect loss due to negative word in the market;
  • Reputational Loss: When a company faces fraud, they face strong adverse publicity against them; and

The customer tends to feel helpless and stuck in such situations as they have to:

  • Do damage control across businesses/departments;
  • Send out a strong message to their existing customers and partners that they are back in shape and better armed for any future fraud attempts;
  • Psychological impact faced: Any business is a risky business, but for any organization to grow in the environment ought to feel secure while serving their clients, working with their partners, and investing in their employees.

*The same goes for the final customers, they should feel secure while investing their money in any Organization in any form.

Expectation of a Client

The Corporates and Firms are looking to protect their businesses from any possible corporate FRAUD and other associated Risks. They want to secure business operations from any kind of corporate theft or financial crimes that might lead to financial, legal, and reputational losses. In the current digital era with data being the root to platter the needs of decision making, emotional intelligence is vital in a cognitive model. Through such collaborative efforts of complimenting both Artificial Intelligence and human intelligence, we strive the best to felicitate in data requirements, understanding human emotions, both machine and human

At FACTpace, we are committed to our clients partnering and relieving them from such complexities. Our team is built of practitioners with more than 18 years of experience in the field of Compliance, Fraud Analytics & Mitigation, Legal and Training in various Organisations, primarily in the Financial Services Industry both at office space and equally active on the field. We constantly thrive to bring technical and psychological advancements in tackling such challenges and arriving at effective outcomes in a timebound manner. We are also open to collaborating as a consultant with special entities/professionals, who are experts in their respective fields.

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